Alexander Stoimenow

Some Papers

I have papers both in good journals, and in such with high impact factors, but the journals with high impact factors are not good, and those which are good do not have high impact factors.

Here is a list of links to a part of my papers (with bibliographic references when available). All papers are stored now as PostScript and Pdf files. Please, let me know if you have any problems with handling them. The version date format is day/mth/yr, but the actual version may be newer since I do not update this page regularly. Some of these papers (sometimes in slighly different versions) and some other papers are available on the e-Print archive. Very few can also be found on the preprint servers of MPI (years 1999, 2000) and RIMS (year 2006). Here is a link to MathSciNet reviews (if your institution is subscribing).

I am grateful for any feedback! If you find the content of some of these papers interesting, or even useful, I'd be happy to discuss with you on your work.

Please, do not quote with numbers specific theorems, questions etc. in not (at least to-be-)published papers, as these versions may undergo significant changes. (The arXiv versions are less subject to changes and are permanently maintained, though.)

Abstracts of and errata (ps or pdf) to some papers

Errata include also things like outdated references etc.

A request to Readers

For a certain period I have been "criticized" for the number of unpublished preprints I have, many of which were put on this site. Before you try to conclude from this anything negative about their style or contents, please let me send you some stories about how some people used to treat some of them. (They were originally put on this webpage, but later removed at the request of an editor whom I know personally. He treated it as an offence against the refereeing work and refused to handle my papers otherwise. Some account may be found here.) Please, read carefully these stories, and tell me what you think about them. As for myself, such experiences have made me lose a lot of any potential respect for the refereeing and publishing system. Also, for the same reason I decided no longer to put all (but just some) papers I write on this list.

A request to Editors

I would like to request that Editors clarify the status of an article submitted for publication if I ask about it. I had papers Editors gave no answer about almost 2 years. I cant always write to the Editors on this. It's very inconvenient and frustrating to write to people who never answer. I understand anyone is busy. But these editors ask an article submitted for publication not to be published or submitted to a different journal, and if I fail to find out any information, it's a waste of my time. So if I've had no reply from a journal in spite of 3-4 status queries I kindly ask to withdraw the paper without new notice.

A request to harvest downloaders

I was startled to find (by chance) a digital library storing a large number (70!) of my "no longer existing" paper( version)s. I see several serious problems in this.

Except coauthors and publishers, I have not agreed anybody to offer publicly material I have written. In case the material is published, this conflicts the publishers' request to hold copyright on it. Before the material is published, it may undergo significant changes. It may be found outdated, badly presented, mathematically incorrect. The digital library I found seems to think a machine can do all the job. This leads to references of my papers linked to items I never heard of, badly presented abstracts, outdated links etc. Even aside legal issues (which I cannot enter into), storing this material may bear more harm than good, to authors and readers.

Based on this experience, I kindly ask to stop harvest downloads of my papers, withdraw any machine-web-presented downloaded papers, and put a reference to my website so anybody interested can ask me to clarify the material's status.

Alexander Stoimenow,