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数学者였으나 지금 "수학자" 쓸거예요?

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Please note: my affiliation changed to

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
School of General Studies
GIST College, Bldg A, Room 212
123 Cheomdan-gwagiro, 1 Oryong-dong, Buk-gu,
Gwangju 500-712, Korea

phone: +82-10-4491-4241 (private cell phone) +82-62-715-3693 (office),
fax: +82-62-715-3609 (indicating my name)

Way to my building (in Korean; red circled) and how to find me there (also red circled).

e-mail :

Please note this when you email me. Thank you.

Here is my CV as PS and PDF, and a few (more) facts about me in HTML.

Some information on our book about my father and its presentation event (in Bulgarian).

My (current GIST) namecard in English and Korean. Here are older ones: Keimyung, KAIST (in English and Korean), Osaka CU in Japanese and English.

Teaching Stuff

My Interests

Conduct and Correctness in Mathematical Publishing

"We risk sliding down toward the standards where the validity of action is decided by whether one can get away with it." (P. Doty)

"We do not 'risk' sliding down toward such standards; we have reached them." (S. Lang)

This is an essay (PDF, PS) in which I try to express my fear about the establishment of a culture of publishing, where no one is willing to take responsibility for the correctness of mathematics, and readers finding mistakes in published proofs are stamped as outcasts, because they are deemed to target the reputation of authors and journals.

A summary appeared in the June/July 2010 Notices of the AMS, Letters to the Editor.

As a respectable senior puts it: "... don't be so hard on the mathematical careerists. They're not as smart as you and must be held to a lower standard."

concerning my book "Diagram Genus, Generators, and Applications"

Some homepages

Mathematics links @ PennState and Haifa

History of Mathematics

Some fun

A quiz


Some old photos (now more, but takes less to load because reorganized!)

For more recent photos, you may check out my flickr page.

Conferences I attended or plan to attend

International Conference on Low-Dimensional Topology and Applications Knots in Hellas 2016

Workshop on Graphs and Knots, Xiamen University

Mathematics Days in Sofia, 2017

Quantum Topology and Geometry in Toulouse

Knot data tables

A few interesting knots

My favorite knot 942. From the table one sees that it has self-conjugate Homfly (even Kauffman) polynomial, but it does prove that it is chiral! How? Hint: the next such knot is 10125. Is the above knot that of the Rolfsen picture or its obverse?

15224980, Thistlethwaite's achiral 15 crossing knot. Here I announced the construction of amphicheiral knots of all odd crossing numbers >15

A 21(?) crossing knot for which Morton's conjectured inequality fails. (See here for explanation.)

Working topics

More specifically, my current working topics are:

Some papers, talks and programs

Alexander Stoimenow,

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