Teaching Stuff

Fall 2019

classes not cancelled on 11/18, but reduced

Here is a Korean translation of class rules, made by
a TA in 4/17, updated 3/19. Please, understand
this translation is merely provided as a help to students
with (extremely) poor English. However, I stress that I
haven't the capacity (and neither do I consider it my job)
to check, complete, and maintain this translation under
following updates, and the (English) version in the syllabus
is the definitely valid version.

I will assume some basic math English.
As students experienced problems working with an English textbook,
here are notes from an old course
where you can get help about some of these things.
Here are 100 problems for
self-test not due to submit
(Ask TA Somi for solution.)

Introduction to Topology

Top syllabus (Fall 2019)

[book we use]

This is the version of Munkres' we will use.
Since the second edition has several covers and
this particular version may be hard to find,
I scanned here two pages. If you find a different cover of the
second edition, please check if these pages have
the same exercises, or at least that these exercises
are written EXACTLY like this on a different page,
and let me know.

And also the index at the end of my book is totally wrong,
I put here an index which is exact up to ± 2-3 pages.
If you find a different version of the book,
please check if this index is still ok
(up to ± 2-3 pages) and if not, let me know.

Top score table
(updated 12/5)

scanned notes pt1
notes on metric spaces

Introduction to Linear Algebra (LA)

There was an error on the sol sheet I gave the TA
for Quiz 10. Pb 1 is not the right answer.
If you like your score corrected, please contact Suno (with your quiz sheet).
Very sorry.

LA syllabus (Fall 2019)

LA score table
(updated 11/20)

LA lecture note section 0
section 1
section 2
section 3
section 4
section 5
Jordan NF
sections 6,7

examples of series evaluation
Here is review quiz not due to submit
(Ask TA Suno for solution.)

Your TAs (* projected)

Hyerin Cho 조혜린 riniyuni123@ gist.. 010-4657-2461

Somi Jin 진소미 somijin96@ gist.. 010-2467-6274
Sung Wook Jeong 정성욱 jeongsw4905@ gist.. 010-8131-4905
Sunoh Lee 이선오 sunoh0131@ gist.. 010-6798-3179

이광우 Kwangwoo Lee kwlee@ gist.ac.kr 내선 3721

Student Dinner

I would like to host a dinner for students who like to know me
a bit more and each other well and have fun.
The dinner will be at restaurant 유생촌 (첨단점)
(map attached) at 6 PM, Sunday, 24th of Nov, 2019.

Here is the official website for the restaurant.

I invite you (buffet+NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks), but I limit to approx. 20 students (+TAs +
me). You need >=80% class attendance until midterm to apply. (KEEP IN

When class attendance data until the week 8 (before midterm)
stands, I'll write, someday between Wed 10/23 and Sun 10/27, a SEPARATE message
Application will be 선착순,
so you'll have to react quickly to that following message.
There may be a waiting list, so if you want to cancel, you
must tell in advance, until the day before (11/23). If you
don't appear w/t cancelling, I will not invite you again.
(Following syllabus rules, this can also affect your class evaluation.)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write ME
(BUT do NOT write TAs now!).

Thank you.

update 10/23:

TA SoYeon manages the dinner on my behalf. People
with >20% (unexcused) absence, who are NOT allowed to apply:

Section 1

All others (among those admitted to midterm!),
you may apply with name + 학번 + class + number of
section to TA SoYeon. Application is by next Sat (11/2) and 선착순!
It is limited to ~20 people. Please use only email and use only the
email address "박서연" park9851@ gist... SoYeon will contact a preliminary
list of participants. There may be a waiting list, so
if you are in to join and assumed to come, and you want to
cancel, you must tell SoYeon in advance, until the day before (11/23).
If you don't appear without cancelling, I will not invite you again.
(Following syllabus rules, this can also affect your class evaluation.)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me.

Thank you.

Please avoid these continuous problems with email writing:

마침표현 다음에 자기 이름은 "명" 이나 "명 성" 순반으로 쓴다.
You are "Girdong Park" or "Girdong", not "Park".
명도 성도 큰 문자 (AB...Z) 로 시작하고 다음문자가 작은 문자 (ab...z) 다.
명, 성 사이에 ","도 ".", "-"도 없다.
마침표현도 큰 문자로 시작하고 다음문자가 작은 문자고,
마침표현 뒤에 ","쓴다: "Sincerely,".
(단, 첫 단어 뒤에 있는 단어는 고유명이 아니므로 작은 문자로
시작한다: "Sincerely yours,")

When you write email, please use "Alexander" or
"Prof. Stoimenov", not "Stoimenov".
"Prof."이나 "Professor", 큰 문자로 시작한다.
("."를 생략된 단어 뒤에 쓴다. "."뒤에 공백이 있다. 그래서,
"Prof.Stoimenov" 아니라 "Prof. Stoimenov"다.)
"Dear "하고 다음 단어 사이에 ","도 "."도 무슨 기호라도 절대
절대 절대 절대 절대 절대 없다.

인사표현 뒤에 ","쓴다: "Dear Prof. Stoimenov,"
"To"를 "깨"의 뜻으로 인사표현에서도,
"From"을 마침표현에서도 절대 안 쓴다.
사람의 성 뿐 직위표현없이 사용하는 개 아주 실례적인 것이다:
"Dear Stoimenov," 절대 안 된다.
"Dear," 마찬가지로 아주 친한 사람 (특히, 애인) 의 경우 만 쓴다.
사람의 명 뿐 사용하는 개가 그 사람이 분명하게 허락할 때
(자기 메일을 명 뿐으로 계속 싸인할 때)
가능하다: "Dear Alexander,". 이 경우에는 직위표현을 부치는 개가
좀 이상하게 감각된다.

Alexander Stoimenov,